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Our water capture and retention options include trafficable underground stormwater harvesting systems which are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

For water distribution we have developed world leading pipe systems and channel lining solutions.

Our water storage systems include dam lining and floating covers which minimise leakage and evaporation whilst our water treatment solutions enable low cost non-mechanical dewatering of all types of waste water.

We can also assist in the design and supply of solutions for hydraulic structures including weirs, bridges and culverts.

Dewatering of Sediment Dams & Leachate Ponds

Removing fine sediments from site runoff can be a costly exercise, sediment management should include surface erosion products and silt fences to minimise volumes entering suspension. A cost-effective alternative is to make use of geosynthetic dewatering systems. Geotube® dewatering technology uses high strength geotextiles with unique filtration and retention properties to provide solutions to mining and mineral processing. Dewatering of waste water and sludge is commonly achieved by pumping the slurry into permeable geotextile tubes, treating with site specific flocculants and allowing the moisture to either evaporate through the geotextile or drain through the geotextile pores under significant pressure. The run-off from the dewatering process can be reused or treated and returned to native waterways while the sediment or waste can be reprocessed or detained.


For subsoil drainage applications Megaflo panel drain provides the dimensional stability and field-proven structural strength for quick, effective subsurface drainage. Performance is the distinguishing feature of the panel drain due to its ability to rapidly collect and remove water. Compared to 100 mm diameter round pipe, Megaflo has twice the inflow capacity for an equivalent length and will drain water in less than 60% of the response time. Its slim 40 mm wide profile permits faster and more cost effective installation in a narrower trench.

For ditch and channel lining applications Concrete Canvas is rapidly becoming the ditch lining material of choice for engineers and contractors around the world. Concrete Canvas is typically 10 times faster to install than conventional concrete solutions, with installation speeds of up to 200sqm/hr possible with only a 3 man crew for a longitudinal layup. Concrete Canvas is also ideal for outfall applications as an effective method of preventing surface erosion and scour associated with water run-off from culverts outlets, spillways and over-toppings.

Tailings Dams & Wastewater Treatment Ponds

Geofabrics has a range of solutions designed specifically to safely contain the harshest of liquids in tailings dams and waterwater treatment ponds. Our lining solutions can be tailored to suit high salinity and high or low pH applications.

Potable Water Storage

Geofabrics has a range of solutions available specifically for potable water storage infrastructure, including dam and reservoir lining systems which help prevent leakage. We also supply Oasis floating covers for potable water reservoirs which aid in the preservation of our water supply systems by protecting the surface thereby maintain the quality of the water and preventing water loss through evaporation. 

Stormwater Detention & Harvesting

Due to a continued increase of global temperatures, we are all constantly faced with reducing demand on potable water sources for irrigation of gardens, courses and sportsfields. ecoAID underground stormwater chambers offer an effective solution for sustainable capture, detention and storage of stormwater for use in irrigation schemes. The system can externally incorporate treatment technologies to isolate and remove pollutants and litter making it simple to maintain. The inherent strength in the design of Australian manufactured ecoAid chambers is that they are suitable for installation underneath driveways, car parks, highways and sporting fields, and are typically used to keep public areas clear of open compensating basins and above ground water storage units.

Hydraulic Solutions

Reno Mattresses and Gabions offer a hard solution for hydraulic applications such as weirs, and for scour protection along riverbanks and embankment stability in channel linings. For vegetated hydraulic structures such as drainage ditches, spillways and vegetated channels the combination of Geoweb, a synthetic expandable 3-dimensional cellular structure that can be filled with soil, and Grassroots, a synthetic turf reinforcement mat, can withstand high shear forces and intermittent longer duration velocities.

Concrete Canvas has also been used worldwide as an effective method of preventing surface erosion and scour associated with water run-off from culverts outlets, spillways and over-toppings.

Ornamental Lakes & Ponds

Water hazards and ornamental lakes enhance the character of parks, golf courses and other recreational areas. These ponds have to be designed to blend in with the surroundings which requires the use of products that meet the technical requirements for water storage without detracting from the aesthetic appeal within a landscaped area. Geofabrics’ Elcoseal Geosynthetic Clay Liner is ideally suited for lining ponds as it offers an easy to install solution with easy laying to match almost any pond profile.


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