Tensar® InterAx® geogrid is made from a coextruded, composite polymer sheet, which is punched and oriented to create a structure of continuous and non-continuous ribs that form three aperture geometries (hexagon, trapezoid, and triangle) and an unimpeded suspended hexagon.

InterAx geogrid dramatically improves soil interaction and trafficking performance under compaction and repetitive loading through enhanced confinement of aggregate particles, improving the interlocking between the aggregate and geogrid. This enhances the performance of the geogrid under trafficking and other imposed loading conditions. 

Tensar Interax product image

It is ideal for use on a wide range of projects including stabilising working platforms to trafficked areas and railway trackbed improvement. The geometry design of InterAx works to reduce project costs and maintenance requirements, while increasing the performance of pavements, railway trackbeds and other trafficked areas.


  • Speeds up construction, saving up to 70% in aggregate section reduction
  • Achieve up to a 65% reduction in carbon emissions
  • Optimised geometry design for maximum confinement and compaction of granular fill, creating the most efficient mechanically stabilised layer (MSL)
  • Improves compaction and restrict the movement of the particles over time, retaining the stiffness long term and further enhancing performance of the MSL
  • Results in a more resilient solution that will withstand severe weather events, the increasing impact of climate change, and other challenging environmental conditions
  • Improves interaction between the geogrid and aggregate for better performance
  • Less aggregate is required to meet project requirements, which leads to savings on cost, time and carbon emissions
  • Ideal for subgrade stabilisation, roads, heavy-duty pavements, and working platforms
  • Tensar InterAx geogrid holds a BBA Agrement certificate confirming fitness for purpose to stabilise and increase the modulus of a granular layer and its associated trafficking performance and load bearing capacity
  • Compatible with Tensar+ design software, which allows engineers, contractors, and owners to design with geogrid in a variety of applications
Tensar InterAx body image