Maccaferri® Mineral Terramesh® wire mesh is a modular soil reinforcement system used to form a steep soil structure with a rock-face finish, facing at angles of up to 87 degrees. It consists of prefabricated units of Galmac® and PoliMac® coated double-twist "DT" wire mesh to form an inclined front face and an extended integral base referred to as the reinforced tail section. 

The system is ideal for use where a contemporary, clean-faced aesthetic finish is preferred, the inclusion of galvanised steel mesh frame delivers clean uniform lines with selected stone fill forming a thin layer as the facade.

Mineral Terramesh provides an effective solution for reinstating slips and dropouts, steep slopes and bridge approach ramp.

Maccaferri Mineral Terramesh product image


  • Durable structure coated with Galmac and PoliMac provides a design life of 120 years under most severe environmental conditions
  • Used for structures up to 3m high without geogrid reinforcement and over 70m high with geogrid
  • Improved performance compared to welded mesh facings due to the greater connection capacity provided by its integral mesh tail which avoids the need to provide a geogrid wrap to the facing unit
  • Quick and simple installation with no connection required between geogrid and the assembled unit
  • Savings in material costs by reducing the amount of imported material required due to less facing stone which does not require ongoing maintenance and using site-won fill as backfill for <70° structures
  • Independently verified and tested with BBA-HAPAS certification
  • Design support including access to an advanced suite of software free to our clients and on-going in-house training or via seminars
  • Supported with specialist installation tools for hire including pneumatic lacing tools or you can purchase "C" rings, lacing wire and preformed bracing wires that help to halve assembly time
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