Bunkermat® is a three-dimensional matting, made in Australia using high quality polypropylene fibres that are UV resistant and colourfast. The open structure of the fibres in Bunkermat trap sand and minimise erosion, keeping bunkers in a good playable condition.

Bunkermat allows impressive bunkers to be created while reducing maintenance requirements, making it the ideal solution for the construction of new bunkers or the reconstruction of existing bunkers.

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Why choose Bunkermat?

Golf course architects and designers want to create visually appealing bunkers that sustain dramatic shapes and structures so that golfers can play throughout the year on challenging courses. 
Bunkermat is designed to retain sand on steep bunker faces and restrict the migration of rocks and fine-grained soil particles from the underlying soil into the bunker, which would otherwise contaminate the sand quality and make the bunker unplayable. The bunker sand settles into the fibres becoming trapped within the open structure of the mat profile, while allowing internal water movement. Once this occurs, there is little or no downward movement of the sand. This results in the sand being held to create steeper bunker faces and dramatic shapes and structures, while keeping the playing surface intact.

Bunkermat provides:

  • Reduced installation and maintenance costs due to high tensile strength and flexibility of material used, allowing Bunkermat to withstand the weight of heavy wet sand without tearing or slumping
  • Prevention of bunker washouts and ability to construct bunkers with steeper inclines
  • Long-term reliability as the synthetic mesh backing ensures that the Bunkermat will not tear when the bunker sand is raked
  • Durability as it is resistant to rot, mildew and degradation and unaffected by chemicals normally used on golf courses
  • Proven UV resistance due to stabilised fibres ensures that no degradation occurs from exposure to sunlight - as a result, Bunkermat requires only a 20mm covering of sand, creating an almost maintenance free bunker face
  • Proven effectiveness as it has been successfully applied on both championship and public courses around the world
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