Geosynthetics in Containment Lining & Capping

With today’s increasing waste volumes and more hazardous leachate chemistry, traditional Compacted Clay Liners (CCL) have the potential to react adversely and results in the loss of performance which has the potential for leachates to contaminate groundwater.

The design aim now is to contain and collect leachate through engineered geosynthetic lining systems. The preferred composite lining system for landfills has become a polymeric primary liner (generally HDPE), with a secondary liner below comprising of either a CCL or Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL).

Geofabrics offers comprehensive lining systems comprising our Elcoseal GCL (made in Australia) and Atarfil HDPE, a specialty geomembrane chemically formulated to provide secure containment of all types of waste, including municipal, hazardous and industrial solid & liquid wastes. This has been specifically formulated for Australian industry standards, including the Victorian Best Practice Environmental Management’s (BPEMs) rigorous guidelines.

Sorbseal is an Australian made hybrid Geosynthetic Clay Liner (hGCL) which works as a barrier to liquids in the same way as a regular GCL, but also helps trap a wide range of contaminants, including potentially dangerous Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), preventing them from entering the surrounding environment.

Solutions for the landfill sector also include cushion geotextiles for liner protection including Texcel and Bidim at a fraction of the cost of a sand protection layer.

All landfills require some sort of capping system to prevent continued leachate generation and prevent the dispersion of gas which has a harmful effect on the environment. The choice of liner for a landfill cap is heavily dependent on the likely settlement of the waste in the landfill cell. Factors such as depth, compaction level, and make-up of the waste will impact on the potential settlement.

Geofabrics has experience in construction methodology and is able to advise on techniques and products that suit the site-specific application as well as site specific shear testing.

How Geofabrics can help with containment:

  • Provide cost effective solutions to contain leachates
  • Advise on best capping solution for waste make-up
  • Reduce use of sand for liner protection
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