Rockfalls can be a major hazard to people and surrounding infrastructure and are difficult to contain and control. Mitigating such a risk should a rockfall adversely impact an area requires cost effective solutions such as Maccaferri® rockfall barriers (or catch fences) that intercept and arrest detached rocks and boulders.

Our range of Maccaferri rockfall barrier fence systems are designed to intercept falling rocks which have detached from the rock face above which may cause damage to infrastructure below and in severe cases loss of life. Often used to protect most road and rail infrastructure, buildings, pipelines in mine works and where rockfall is identified as a hazard along slopes.

Rockfall barrier fences are fabricated from a complex system of steel cables, connections of steel cables to structural elements, energy absorbing devices and anchorages, capable of high deformation capacities which are designed to be easily transported and assembled in extreme conditions.

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  • Positioned to intercept and stop falling rocks and boulders on steep slopes
  • Extensive range of barriers for rockfall problems including debris flow barriers, dynamic rockfall barriers and hybrid and attenuation barriers
  • Designed to deflect under load and absorb energy, with a range of certified fences available from 35kJ to 9000kJ
  • Cost effective when installed within the transit or impact zones which can present technical, topographic or access issues for other mitigation systems
  • Features unique energy dissipating devices (that is, elements which are able to dissipate energy) that allow for controlled displacement when activated
  • Easy transported, ready-to-use "kit" system which includes all posts, base plates, netting, braking systems, anchor cables and ground anchors for typical ground conditions
  • Easy to install by qualified rope access contractors experienced in drilling and working on rock faces, particularly in situations where space is limited
  • Full scale crash tested and certified in accordance with the European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA) assessment documents EAD 340089-00-0106 and EAD340059-00-0106
  • Easy to inspect for maintenance
  • Design support including access to an advanced suite of software free to our clients and on-going in-house training or via seminars


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