Erosion Control Tubes (ECT) are ideal for the management of sediment associated with sheet flow erosion or short duration channel flow. Erosion control tubes form an important component where earthworks are present such as land development and road construction projects.

A growth medium is included where an ECT is incorporated into the face of geogrid reinforced soil slopes. 

The fill in an erosion control tube can also be altered to suit different flow rates; compost can be used for low flow situations and coarser bark/wood products can be used for higher flows. Coarser products are often a necessity in high rainfall / high runoff environments but will reduce the capture of fine sediment.

Erosion Control Tube product image

Why choose erosion control tubes?

  • Prevents soil erosion by effectively reducing soil displacement caused by water and wind
  • Promotes vegetation growth by stabilising the soil
  • Enhances water quality by trapping sediment and pollutants, improving runoff water quality
  • Easy to install as it is lightweight making it easy to transport with minimal labour 
  • Provides intermediate or perimeter erosion control
  • Retains and filters sediment from water when filled with shredded wood, bark or compost
  • Stabilises erosion scarps and slips
  • Protects drainage systems
  • Flexible and adaptable as suitable for various terrains and environmental conditions
  • UV stabilised fabric provides durability and accommodates a range of fill types depending on application


The filled units are tied off in one metre lengths so a 2m unit can be either cut and used as 1m ECT’s or the central ties simply undone and the fill shaken in to make a full 2m long unit. This innovation means easy onsite handling and efficient transporting. For more detailed installation instructions please refer to our ECT Technical Data Sheet.