Greenflo® is a knitted filter sock designed to fit over perforated round drainage pipes used in road edge and subsoil drainage applications. Its primary purpose is to filter fine particles within the subsoil drain, thereby reducing sediment build-up in the drainage pipe.

Greenflo filter socks are often fitted to round drainage pipes that are used for roads, retaining walls, sports ovals, landscaping and DIY projects. They are made to conform to the RTA (Road Traffic Authority) QA Specification 3553.

Greenflo filter socks are also conveniently available in 100-metre roll or a in preloaded tube format so that the filter sock can be efficiently fitted over the round drainage pipe.

Greenflo product image

Why choose Greenflo?

  • Ability to limit sand intrusion into drainage pipes
  • Easy to install over perforated pipe
  • Tested to RTA3553 Standards

Greenflo filter socks are supplied in lengths of 30m, preloaded on tubes for 65mm, 110mm and 160mm diameter perforated drainage pipes. The preloaded tube design simplifies installation by allowing you to easily slide the filter sock onto perforated round drainage pipes without the need for manual unrolling. 


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