Maccaferri® FlexMac® temporary flood protection barrier is a structure made of hexagonal double-twisted (DT) steel wire mesh panels, reinforced with vertical steel rods and internally lined with a non-woven geotextile sleeve.

The FlexMac units are joined to each other longitudinally by using connection pins to obtain the required length of the structure.

Used as a fast-to-deploy barrier for flood control, Maccaferri FlexMac raises embankments and provides reinforcement for temporary works.

It has a flexible and lightweight structure which enables it to be quickly assembled and deployed efficiently without the need for trained labour or special equipment.

The FlexMac units are filled with locally available materials such as sand and general fill, using mechanical means or people. It is an effective solution used to protect infrastructure, lives and the broader community during flooding events.

Maccaferri Flexmac Temporary Flood Barrier - product image
Maccaferri Flexmac Temporary Flood Barrier- 40 times faster installation


  • Hexagonal double-twisted wire mesh provides greater flexibility than rigid structures and solutions
  • Provides stability with steel bars which allows for robust containment of fill materials and enables the units to be stacked if required
  • Rapid installation with minimal effort due to its lightweight structure, it is up to 40 times faster to construct than sandbags. In 3 hours, 30 people can construct a 10m embankment using traditional sandbags, compared with 5 people constructing a 60m embankment using FlexMac
  • Used as a temporary solution whereby FlexMac can be easily emptied by lifting the units, allowing the fill material to fallout, and be efficiently folded up to store for another emergency
  • Can also be used as a permanent solution where the units can be reused to support rehabilitation and restoration of rain and flood-affected environments by covering and re-vegetating the unit in harmony with the environment
  • Conveniently filled onsite using locally available materials
  • Easy to transport and handle, it is supplied in folded units which can be simply connected by pins


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