Elcorock® is a shoreline protection system that consists of sand filled geosynthetic containers built to form a stabilising, defensive barrier against coastal erosion. 

It is highly resistant to abrasion, hydrocarbon, impact damage and UV degradation, which makes Elcorock ideal for constructing breakwaters, sea walls, revetments, groynes and artificial reef. 

Elcorock geosynthetic sand containers are made from Texcel®, a unique staple fibre blend of polyester and polypropylene, providing flexibility and allowing the product to resist the natural forces of the marine environment. Each sand container is filled with sand or gravel mix.


Why choose Elcorock?

Elcorock is highly resistant to abrasion, hydrocarbon, impact damage and UV degradation with over 20 years of proven success in harsh coastal environments, supported by extensive research, development and superior design support.

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Elcorock geosynthetic sand containers provide:

  • Long-term outdoor durability in exposed applications due to high quality virgin polypropylene Texcel non-woven fibres which have a unique stabiliser and antioxidant formula
  • A gentle batter facing the sea, fostering less severe beach erosion compared to alternative solutions
  • A more cost-effective alternative to traditional coastal erosion protection systems made from concrete, rock armour, steel or timber 
  • A natural look and soft feel, increasing public amenity of foreshore areas, enhancing the environment and allowing people to sit on the layers of Elcorock geosynthetic sand containers
  • A composite geosynthetic which has an added layer of needle punched UV stabilised fibres that also act as a vandal deterrent layer

Elcorock geosynthetic sand containers can be made to meet customers specific site requirements, including sizes, shapes and different weights. Geofabrics has created a range of standard Elcorock geosynthetic sand container sizes which have been tested for suitability under a broad range of wave climates. However, it is always recommended to contact Geofabrics or a coastal engineer to ensure the correct size container and design configuration is used.

Texcel R non-woven staple fibre geotextile should also be used in conjunction with Elcorock to create a shoreline protection system. Texcel R non-woven geotextile is specially designed to be laid below Elcorock, providing high resistance to damage during installation and long-term filter stability in the structure. 

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