The Geoweb® cellular confinement geocell is the most advanced soil stabilisation system available. Made from robust high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the system consists of a three-dimensional structure housing a network of interconnected cells that confine and compact soil. The confinement action prevents erosion and improves the structural performance of the soil or aggregate infill, providing an alternative to reinforced concrete or armour.

Geoweb comes in collapsed, lightweight panels which can be handled easily and safely onsite. The system panels are installed using ATRA clips to anchor the cellular panes into position. ATRA clips are used to provide a full-strength connection between adjacent panels of the Geoweb system.

To complete the system a range of infill materials can be used including topsoil with various selected vegetation, aggregates from sand and gravel to larger stone and concrete of various strengths and finishes. 

Geoweb is widely used for load support, erosion control, slope stability, retaining structures and high velocity channels.

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  • Robust UV resistant, three-dimensional structure makes it suitable for use in harsh environments
  • Quick installation through the use of patented ATRA clip connection system or high strength tendons, saving on installation costs
  • Eco-friendly soil stabilisation solution that blends into the natural environment
  • Reduces the thickness of structural support elements by 50% or more
  • With different types of infill, perforations allow infill to interlock with the cell walls, increasing frictional resistance, creating a better armoured slope
  • In saturated conditions, the removal of excess water increases infill friction, reducing down slope sliding forces, resulting in a more stable system
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