Maccaferri® Steelgrid® HR is an innovative system for rockfall mitigation and slope consolidation works. It is a high strength, high stiffness steel composite netting or drapery system combining the versatility and practical benefits of double twist mesh with the stiffness and mechanical durability of high tensile steel wire ropes. 

Steelgrid HR Rockfall Netting combines a patented high strength steel wire mesh geocomposite which is used in conjunction with anchor plates, specific U-bolts and mesh connectors. Designed to protect roads, infrastructure, mine workings and public areas from unstable rock slopes. Once installed, the system contains loose debris allowing it to fall safely to the toe of the rock slope.

Maccaferri HEA Panel product image


  • Can be used in both simple drapery or pinned drapery systems including slope stabilisation, rockfall protection and surface protection applications
  • Available in a range of system tensile strengths ranging from 50kN/m up to 180kN/m to allow projects to be cost and technically optimised
  • High strength at low strain and high punch resistance at low deformation (high stiffness)
  • Different levels of coating protection for durability; wires and ropes are coated with Galmac® galvanising to Class A level and can be additionally coated with a thermally bonded layer of PVC for more aggressive coastal road environments
  • Reduces the stress on the mesh by its ability to transmit loads directly to the top anchors
  • Less maintenance costs as it does not unravel if wire breakage were to occur
  • Flexible and versatile to match existing slope and rock profiles
  • Offers significant flexibility in terms of anchor positioning to save time and cost on-site
  • Single layer composite offers quick and simple installation
  • Supplied in a "kit" form containing all the components needed to install the system by a specialist contractor
  • Design support including access to an advanced suite of software free to our clients and on-going in-house training or via seminars


Maccaferri Steelgrid HR Rockfall Netting body image