Maccaferri® Rockfall Netting or drapery systems, made from double-twisted "DT" steel wire mesh, are designed to control rockfall movement by guiding falling debris to a collection point at the toe of the slope to protect structures from damage. Commonly used as ‘drapery’, DT mesh provides a protective curtain on the slope; any rocks and debris detaching from the slope are contained behind the mesh. The open wire mesh structure also allows the slope to return back to its natural state after repair by promoting the regeneration of vegetation. 

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Protection of roads, buildings and other structures located directly at the toe of man-made cuttings or natural cliffs are a major challenge for engineers. Falling debris and rocks can be due to rock formation deterioration caused by plant action, thermal expansion, winds, cold and thaw, hydrostatic pressure and seismic action. Maccaferri Rockfall Netting is typically used for slope stabilisation, rockfall protection and surface protection applications.

On moderately steep slopes, or those where some vegetation may grow, the mesh should be kept as close to the slope as possible. On very steep and/or near vertical slopes, the net must be anchored at the top of the cliff, and left unanchored at the bottom, to allow rocks and debris to fall into a collection ditch at the toe of the slope. A key factor is to have a safe and continuous anchorage at the top.


  • Made from double twist (DT) steel wire mesh which provides flexibility in all directions and will not unravel, even in the event of some wire breakage
  • Used around the world for over 60 years, it is proven to offer robust, long lasting and cost-effective rockfall protection
  • Flexible and versatile to match existing slope and rock profiles
  • Different levels of coating protection for durability; wires are coated with Galmac® galvanising to Class A level and can be additionally coated with Polimac®, a thermally bonded layer of PVC for more aggressive coastal road environments
  • Open wire mesh structure promotes the regrowth of vegetation
  • Design support including access to an advanced suite of software free to our clients and on-going in-house training or via seminars


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