A catch drain warden is is specialised geotextile used in stormwater management systems to prevent debris, sediment and pollutants from entering drainage systems. It is designed to protect catch basins, ensuring that only clean water is discharged from the environment.

Catch drain warden geotextiles can be used in various settings to help protect the environment and ensure the proper functioning of drainage systems. They can be used to:

  • Manage runoff from roads and sidewalks when installed in street catch basins
  • Prevent sediment and debris from entering storm drains during construction activities
  • Capture litter and pollutants from vehicular traffic when placed in parking lot drains
  • Control pollutants from runoff in industrial sites
  • Manage runoff and improve water quality when installed in local storm drains
    Catch Drain Warden product image

    Why choose a catch drain warden? 

    • Prevents pollutions by effectively trapping litter, debris and pollutants from contaminating waterways
    • Controls sediment to help maintain the efficiency of drainage systems and reduce blockage
    • Reduces maintenance making it easier to clean stormwater drains by trapping debris that is easily accessible for collection
    • Improves water quality and protects the environment and local ecosystems by filtering contaminants
    • Complies with Best Management Act, Catchpit Protection Issued by Auckland Council July 2011