Sector Solutions

  • Roads


    Reducing the cost of road construction whilst maintaining pavement design life is the holy grail for engineers, contractors and asset owners. 

    Geofabrics are able to provide geosynthetic solutions for all parts of the pavement formation which can reduce construction costs by up to 30% whilst improving design life by up to six times.  

  • Rail


    Geofabrics offers a range of solutions for new track construction as well as renewal or maintenance of existing railway tracks which can deliver both construction savings and life-cycle optimisation. Our solutions incorporate control of track geometry and rail alignment, stabilisation of the ballast and capping layers and complete drainage systems.

  • Coastal


    Coastal erosion is a significant problem in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific with rising sea levels and climate change having a significant impact on coastlines.

    Geofabrics coastal solutions are designed to reduce the effects of coastal and estuarine erosion whilst maintaining safety and amenity for residents and the community.

  • Mining & Resources

    Mining & Resources

    Our expertise covers many mining and resources applications including ground support, dump walls and retaining structures, containment and lining for tailings dams and waste, mine site remediation and mining grid for underground mining operations.

  • Civic & Landscaping

    Civic & Landscaping

    Geofabrics offers a range of engineered slope, wall, embankment and retaining wall solutions of use in civic and landscaping projects.

    Our team also has extensive experience in developing temporary and permanent erosion control measures which have been proven in to prevent erosion and encourage revegetation in the harshest of conditions. 

  • Waste & Containment

    Waste & Containment

    Geofabrics’ team is the most experienced geosynthetic waste and containment team in Australasia. We work with our clients to develop lining systems which are backed by years of research and are designed to exceed regulatory guidelines, protecting the environment through the control of hazardous leachates and liquors from waste and containment facilities.

    Our solutions include base lining, geomembrane protection, leachate drainage, cap lining and drainage plus gas collection.

  • Water


    Geofabrics provides clients with cost effective options for potable and wastewater capture, storage, distribution and treatment through an innovative range of geosynthetic solutions.

  • Ports & Aviation

    Ports & Aviation

    Geofabrics has a range of geosynthetic solutions for both landside and seaside components of port infrastructure, whether it be reinforcing the hardstand areas, consolidation of soft soils or marine breakwaters. 

    Our aviation solutions are focused on pavement reinforcement. 

  • Building


    Geofabrics offers a range of innovative solutions across the building sector. These include stormwater, structural, architectural and landscaping solutions for residential and commercial applications.

  • Sports & Recreation

    Sports & Recreation

    Our aim for natural and synthetic turf sportsfields, racetracks and golf courses is to help asset owners and superintendents maximise playing hours. Our solutions focus on creating excellent drainage, filtration and stabilisation to maintain optimum field conditions whilst reducing construction and maintenance costs.

  • Underground Mining

    Underground Mining

    Underground mining is a distinct segment of the mining sector, with coal and other minerals being extracted from depth for processing.  Being underground demands high safety considerations from strata control, and the maintenance of underground road networks is undertaken in confined spaces. These challenges – as well as protection of portal entrances and water quality considerations – make our range of underground mining solutions quite exciting for mine operators. 

  • Erosion & Sediment Control

    Erosion & Sediment Control

    Geofabrics offers a range of solutions to address the processes of erosion and sedimentation - our products effectively stabilise construction sites, manage erosion risks and reduce the movement of sediment.

News & Insights

22 January 2024

The PNG Department of Works and Highways proposed the construction of Oriomo to Wimpim road with the aim of providing a vital link

16 November 2023

Geofabrics & Plascorp New Zealand are relocating from Takanini to a new super-site in Wiri, Auckland

18 September 2023

Breast cancer is the leading cancer among women, with 9 Kiwi women being diagnosed every day.

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