AquaRockBag is a durable mesh net made from premium virgin HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) or polyester materials. It is highly resistant to abrasion and UV, making it suitable for stabilising shorelines, river banks, bridge piers, wharf structures, as well as habitat restoration and the establishment of a robust flood defence system. Compared to other alternatives using recycled HDPE, virgin HDPE minimises microplastic release, preserving water quality and aquatic ecosystems. 

Optimal performance can be achieved by using AquaRockBag underwater to stabilise structures on the sea or river bed, while enhancing marine biodiversity. Above water, the AquaRockBag can establish ecological benefits, such as creating diverse ecologies when combined with soil bioengineering practices.

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  • The design of the bag facilitates the establishment of plant life on and around the bags, creating a natural habitat for aquatic ecosystems over a short period of time

  • Offers minimal environmental impact during installation and can help avoid the need for extensive excavation or disruptive construction processes. This preserves the natural habitat and reduces the risk of secondary environmental damage

  • Lower projects costs with a flexible net structure that adapts well to uneven surfaces, eliminating the need for ground preparation works with heavy machinery

  • The modular nature of the bag allows for easy reconfiguration and relocation, making it adaptable to various site conditions and reusable in different projects

  • Net is fully recyclable and offers excellent anti-abrasion properties and high UV resistance 

  • The net can be filled on-site using a portable filling frame and machinery, which makes installation quick and easy. Only basic on-site staff training is required

  • Customised to fit specific coastal protection needs, providing flexibility in design and implementation in typical applications areas such as river banks shores and bridge piers

  • Designed to handle projects big and small, supporting weights from 1 to 12 tons

  • Made from highly durable materials with lifetime of up to 100 years when submerged 

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