Sealmac® Green nonwoven paving fabrics manufactured from continuous polyester fibre have been widely utilised in the maintenance and rehabilitation of pavement surfacing in both Australia and New Zealand. 

Sealmac® Green paving fabrics incorporated into new spray seals and asphalt overlays ensure prevention of infiltration of moisture through surface cracks, into the structural road pavement layers. Moisture weakens the shear strength of pavement layers, which with the combination of time and traffic, leads to surface deformation (rutting) and loss of bonding at the surfacing interface. 

Sealmac® Green provides an effective, inexpensive method of waterproofing and stress alleviation, mitigating the effects of reflective cracking in pavements while extending pavement life. Performance assessment and cost comparisons of various treatments show that Sealmac can provide up to 100% longer life for up to 30% additional investment.

Sealmac® Green paving fabrics range consists of a PF1 grade suitable for spray seal and asphalt maintenance applications and a PF2 grade for additional waterproofing and low volume special application roads. 

Geofabrics is a proud member of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA). Sealmac® Green is now available on ISupply.


Stress Relief

Sealmac® Green acts as a stress absorbing membrane interlayer at the new overlay interface. Its purpose is to reduce tensile stresses in the new pavement originating from cracks in the existing pavement surface. Stress cracking in pavements are caused by reactive subgrades, differential vertical movement, bending caused by deflection and thermal-induced movement.


Waterproofing maintains the structural integrity of the pavement base layers, Sealmac® Green preventing the ingress of water by sealing existing cracks in the road surface. Sealmac® Green paving fabric acts as an interlayer impregnated with bitumen, preventing the penetration of surface water and oxygen into the road pavement layers, maintaining strength to provide extended performance life.


Road crack prevention & extended use

When surface cracks appear on roads, moisture penetration can cause the road base to fail. Sealmac® Green paving fabrics extend the life of the road pavement by providing a waterproof, stress-relieving membrane between the old and new surfaces.

Road reconstruction with cement treated bases

Roads with cement bases can crack due to shrinkage, thermal effects and fatigue. Sealmac® Green paving fabrics work by reinforcing the surface, limiting reflective cracking and waterproofing the surface seal.

Crack prevention in asphaltic pavement overlays

When saturated with bitumen Sealmac® Green seals the existing pavement and reinforces the surface. It can be used on localised crack sealing or patching as well as full-width resealing. Sealmac can be manufactured to suit your specific needs and is available in a range of widths.

Low volume roads

Because Sealmac® Green paving fabrics can be used directly over the pavement formation, local materials can be used which saves on haulage costs. 


Using Sealmac® Green paving fabrics to reinforce asphalt overlays will double the life of roads and pavements, reducing maintenance costs and minimising waste. It can accommodate irregular formations and withstand high temperatures. Sealmac® Green is simple and safe to install and has a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional methods of construction.

Sealmac® Green paving fabrics are typically manufactured to suit the width of your pavement or road lane. This dramatically reduces the installation costs and allows for a safer construction process on-site.


The existing pavement surface should be free of dirt, water and loose materials prior to the applications of a tack coat to ensure that an adequate bond is achieved. Sealmac® Green paving fabric is installed through the use of a dispenser unit supplied by Geofabrics to minimise wrinkles and to achieve an efficient contact to the tack coat. The surface treatment then follows which can either be a sprayed seal application or an asphaltic cement (A.C.) overlay. 


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