Keystone® TW3 wall system is a proven, practical engineered earth retaining wall solution. The system consists of pre-cast concrete modular facing blocks, securely connected with Tensar® RE uniaxial geogrids. This helps to reinforce the soil behind to create a stable and maintenance-free retaining wall structure with up to 120 years design life.

To install, the Keystone TW3 concrete facing blocks are simply dry-laid without cranes required for construction. The 40kg weight of the standard 200mm high block is suitable to be handled by a two-person team.  

Keystone TW3 is a cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete retaining walls, ideally used for infrastructure works including bridge abutments, culvert and tunnel portal entrances and technically challenging retaining structures.


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  • Savings of up to 50% in construction costs compared to conventional construction methods such as reinforced concrete retaining walls
  • High-strength, positive connection to permanently support the face, even under severe dynamic loading such as earthquakes
  • Versatile system that can accommodate curves, stairs and other design requirements
  • Quick and easy to install without cranes, as it is simply dry-laid which helps to reduce construction costs
  • High pH associated with concrete blocks does not affect the durability and functionality of HDPE geogrid reinforcement during the life of the structure
  • Design support service using state-of-the-art software, TensarSoil
  • System certified by BBA (British Board of Agreement) with 120-year design life for infrastructure, industrial and residential applications

Our team of experienced engineers can help you with your next project using TensarSoil design software, available free to Geofabrics clients.

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