Friday, 11 September 2020 - 7:00am
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The Willis Recreation and Sports Centre offers three tennis courts for recreational use in Chatswood. The Willoughby Municipal Council were looking to build 2 new Netball Courts on virgin ground.

Court Craft, a civil construction and specialist surfacing contractor, were asked to remove the vegetation from the virgin ground. In doing so, they found wet and soft ground. Court Craft needed to find a solution, and Geofabrics suggested Tensar Triax Geogrid with a bidim laminate. The alternative was excavating all the soft ground and replace it with a road base which was a much more expensive solution. Therefore, the Geofabrics solution was adopted, Geofabrics visited the site at no extra cost to give advice on the lap requirements and installation technique.

Court Craft removed the vegetation and proof rolled the subgrade. Then rolled out the Tensar Geogrid laminate and held it down with temporary pins. They then placed 150mm of road base and finished the pavement with a 50mm Asphaltic Concrete wearing course.

This solution saved time and money. The site was secured, quickly and efficiently, by using the laminate. Another advantage was that the site was not held up due to bad weather. A rain event when the subgrade was open would have delayed the construction by weeks to allow the site to dry out. Using the Tensar Laminate meant that the site construction could continue quickly.

Now the site is a completed Netball Courts ready for community sports teams to play.



Willis Recreation & Sports Centre

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