Case Study

Sight Screening Bund Wall

A commercial development in Western Sydney required a structure to be built to provide sight screening of the development from local residents. The key element to the barrier was that it had to have limited visual impact for residents facing the structure. Therefore, a berm which could ultimately be vegetated was considered the most appropriate option. This sight barrier was achieved by constructing a soil reinforced berm. The double-sided berm was constructed using the Maccaferri Green Terramesh® system. 

Green Terramesh® is a modular system comprising 8 x 10 double twisted steel woven wire mesh. The facing section of the unit is reinforced with additional PVC coated steel rods inserted through the twists during the manufacturing process. Attached behind the woven wire mesh is a welded wire mesh panel. Two steel brackets (8 mm diameter) are used to form a fixed 70 degrees face angle. 

A biodegradable erosion control blanket is also attached to the face to retain vegetative soil. 

A key component for the approval of the development application was that the side of the berm facing the residents was to have a maximum slope of 45 degrees. To achieve this, the structure was stepped back one metre every second lift.

In using the Green Terramesh units, which has the internal bracing with the rigid mesh panel face and the high strength Paralink geogrid, the slope on the industrial side was able to be installed at 70 degrees and this meant a narrower footprint and therefore more available development space. The Green Terramesh and Paralink system has had full scale testing done to ensure connection strength and is a BBA certified system.

The berm was designed and installed by Retaining Solutions. Geofabrics provided technical information regarding the connection detail between the Green Terramesh units and the Paralink with site visits regularly carried out to support the construction team.

A key part of the design process was the installation techniques to be used. The Installation Guidelines for Green Terramesh produced by Maccaferri formed part of the CQA documentation.

The berm has now been landscaped and planted and is greening up well.

The Green Teramesh berm provided both the desired minimal visual impact for the local residents while providing a cost effective solution to the developer.



Sight Screening Bund Wall