Case Study

An Innovative Solution for Temporary Walls

Good design is the first step towards the success of any civil engineering project, safe and efficient construction is the next.

Temporary works are a critical aspect in this phase of all technical projects - they need to be pre-planned and well executed activities implemented to facilitate these very outcomes. It is here where often equally innovative and challenging thought processes need to take place. Temporary structures can be high risk activities in terms of safety and cost and although temporary in nature, they need to offer the required levels of engineering compliance. All too often they are only given cursory consideration.

Elevated working platforms and grade separation structures are a case in point - footprints are limited so face inclinations need to be steep. Long term facings are not normally required but connection capacity is paramount. Foundation conditions are often not favourable so differential settlements need to be dealt with. To top it all off design information is often sparse in the early planning stages of a project. System flexibility is therefore and without doubt a major benefit.

Geofabrics and Maccaferri provide a well-established and innovative system that can be dedicated to this application - the Green Terramesh System is customised for each specific project circumstance. The lid, face element and tail lengths of the Green Terramesh System are all adjustable and the integral frame work facilitates rapid erection and wall construction.

Where loads are significant the inherent strength of the double twist mesh tails are augmented with Maccaferri’s proprietary Linear Composites range (Paralink and Paragrid) of high strength geogrids. These geogrids are available in strengths of up to 1600 kN/m and are protected with a polyethylene sheath that will withstand the rigours of installation stresses.

The benefits of the Green Terramesh System include:

  • “Variable” tail (reinforcement) lengths
  • “Variable” face angle
  • “Variable” height
  • “Variable” tensile strength
  • Up to 3 m wide
  • Can be faced with topsoil or rock for permanent applications or geotextile for temporary applications
  • Provides exceptional geogrid connection strength (full scale tested with the Para range of geogrids)
  • Supported with dedicated design software: Macstars




The Green Terramesh System holds both BBA and HITEC certification and with its Galmac and Polimac coating is able to offer a design life of up to 120 years. It has been supplied into structures up to 75 m high as well as recent significant infrastructure projects in both New South Wales and Queensland.

Geofabrics is able to provide our clients with well-engineered preliminary designs that can be taken to certification stage if required. Clients that have taken advantage of this facility have reported substantial savings along with efficient performance. We are also able to provide on site training and installation manuals that deal with every aspect of the installation process, or access to experienced installers. 

Contact your local Slopes and Walls team today for a specific solution put together for your temporary or permanent works project.