Case Study

Drain Outlet & Weed Suppression

Geofabrics was approached by Roadtek in Brisbane for some possible solutions regarding a problem at a site on Southern Cross Way, Brisbane. A stormwater drain had the issue of water being unable to drain away from the outlet. This was causing weed and vegetation growth to protude the rubbish net and rodents to live within the rubbish, while also damaging the net. After many maintenance visits and costs, the site was no longer managable. 

An onsite meeting between a Geofabrics sales engineer and the Roadtek team considered several solutions. Initial options were stone pitching or placing of Reno Mattresses in the area but after review of site location and the difficult access points, getting rock or concrete trucks onto site would be logistically challenging and costly. 

Concrete Canvas CC8 was instead suggested by Geofabrics as a permanent and long-term solution with minimal maintenance and very safe and easily managed installation.

Concrete Canvas CC8 has been independently performance tested and can handle flow rates up to 8.6 m/sec. Concrete Canvas has also been tested to assess its resistance to root penetration. The benefit of Concrete Canvas is that due to the cement compound used, it cures to 80% of its compressive strength within 24 hours so is promptly fit for purpose.

As the Roadtek maintenance crew had not installed Concrete Canvas before, Geofabrics’ staff attended and helped the installation of the Concrete Canvas 8 mm handy rolls on site. The whole project consisted of 30 m2 of CC8 and was installed using an excavator and operator with two laborers in half a day. The Concrete Canvas was then hydrated from the back of a ute which had a 2,000 Litre water tank.

The Concrete Canvas was joined using stainless steel screws at 200 mm centres and an 8 mm bead of an adhesive sealant which has also been performance tested for peel and grab with Concrete Canvas.

Roadtek’s maintenance manager commented that this solution saved significant time and money as there was no requirement for traffic management, or high mobilization costs for specialist equipment.



Concrete Canvas Drain Outlet & Weed Suppression