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The American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) International Standards Organisation and its D35 Geosynthetics Committee have published a number of standards specifically for Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCMs) to address the shortfalls in using pre-existing geosynthetic or concrete standards. These GCCM specific standards enable consistent, accurate reporting of essential GCCM properties. 

ASTM D8364 is the only internationally recognised standard for specifying GCCMs. It details the minimum performance properties of the GCCM Types, based on GCCM specific test standards and methodologies that represent the required in field performance of a GCCM product when used in typical erosion control applications. 

Concrete Canvas is the only patented concrete impregnated mat system that meets the ASTM standardised specification, ensuring durability and service life according to the product performance. 

ASTM D8364 is an essential tool for all GCCMs users because it is: 

Simple: ASTM product specifications make specifying the right product easier for the designer whilst ensuring they meet minimum performance requirements, helping to prevent project failures. 

Safe: Specifying GCCM Classification Types to ASTM D8364 protects specifiers from designing with GCCM test data that may not be representative of in field GCCM performance, helping ensure the GCCM is suitable for the intended application. 

Secure: Purchasing GCCM’s that comply with ASTM D8364 protects contractors and clients from being misled by manufacturers who provide performance data using inappropriate non-GCCM standards that may not represent the performance that can be achieved in the field. 

Avoid the risk of project failure by specifying and installing Concrete Canvas, the only concrete impregnated mat that meets the GCCM specification standard ASTM D8364.

Why trust anything else other than Concrete Canvas for your next project?