Geofabrics manufactures its geosynthetics under management systems that comply with the Australian and International Quality Standards and are ISO 9001 quality assured.

We operate two quality assured testing facilities in Australia and products are tested frequently and transparently.

Our reliability as a supplier of high quality goods is borne out by our track record spanning more than 35 years of product supply for Australian infrastructure projects.

Our products have traceability from the test results to the roll number and production batch - providing confidence in the quality and consistency of our products in accordance with our latest published specifications.

The information on the labels can be traced via a clear audit trail to the date, name and place of manufacture and the relevant quality assurance test results.

Importantly, this means that the product you have ordered and the grade you have paid for is the product and grade that is delivered to site.

In addition, our geotextiles are clearly printed for identification once they are unwrapped and rolled out.

This labelling and traceability greatly assists in on site risk management and helps to ensure the right product is used in a given application.

Our commitment to world class quality provides our clients with the confidence that the product delivered is as per their project specifications, ensuring performance and life-cycle costs are optimised.