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Mirafi® RSi

Woven geotextile

Mirafi® RSi is a multifunctional geotextile having high tensile modulus properties  and robustness properties for use for separation and reinforcement of a wide range of fill types used in the construction of pavements and hardstand areas over soft soils. Mirafi® RSi has undergone extensive performance testing to demonstrate the savings in aggregate use when incorporate Mirafi® RSi in your design.




Mirafi® RSi Series is a specialist multi-function geotextile created from super high-tenacity polypropylene filaments formed into an innovative weave to provide superior reinforcement strength and soil interaction integrated with high water flow and soil retention capabilities.


Mirafi® RSi geotextiles are used to improve the performance of a road structure. The two fold benefit of using RSi is that either the design depth of the pavement can be reduced thus offering significant cost savings at construction time or that utilising RSi in the existing pavement design can enhance the performance characteristics of the road thus reducing ongoing maintenance costs.


TenCate Mirafi® RSi is proven to:

  • Have excellent soil and base course confinement resulting in greater load distribution.
  • Have robust damage resistance for moderate to severe stress installations.
  • Have initial tensile stiffness modulus (typically at 2% strain); a key performance property for the reinforcement function and effectiveness.
  • Provide excellent separation to prevent contamination of the base materials


Supplied in the following grades

Grade Roll Size
Mirafi RS380i 4.6m x 100m

General Information

Mirafi RSi General Brochure (PDF)

Technical Information

Mirafi RSi Datasheet (PDF)