Our name change to Geofabrics New Zealand Ltd (formerly Maccaferri NZ Ltd) underlines the strength of the Geofabrics Group as the leading regional manufacturer and provider of geosynthetic solutions to the civil, infrastructure, mining and water and waste construction industries.

Our people, products, contacts and high level support services remain unchanged and we look forward to continuing to work with you on your current and future projects.


10 Aug 2015 - The Proven Stabilising Effects of Tensar TriAx® Geogrid

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10 Jul 2015 - Tensar TriAx® Geogrid Application in Shallow Ground Improvement Methods in Accordance to MBIE Guideline

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18 May 2015 - NEW VIDEO: Megaflo® Subsoil Drainage Overview. Watch it Now!

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18 Aug 2015 - See world renowned independent expert Professor Jie Han speak in Australia & New Zealand

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10 Aug 2015 - NZGS Short Course on Retaining & Reinforced Soil Design

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Mt Pleasant Rd.jpg

Mt Pleasant Road Keystone TW3 Wall

An old crib wall supporting approximately 40m stretch along Mount Pleasant Road was damaged during the 2011 earthquake. It was paramount that the road was reconstructed to pre-earthquake standards to service the residents in the community.

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