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Underground Roads

Whilst the road network in underground mines are critical to the efficiency and safety of a mines operations, some mines require frequent maintenance of their road network due to water ingress, soil conditions or vehicle loads.  
Geofabrics has completed many projects using Tensar geogrids or Geoweb geocells where the maintenance cycle for the underground road network is greatly extended, reducing costs and increasing mine productivity.

Portal Entrances

At every mine portal entrance, there is a need to minimise or eliminate falling debris from the rock face above the portal.  For many years, Geofabrics has worked with mine operators or drilling contractors to create a safe working environment through use of Maccaferri rockfall netting and other rockfall control systems.

Coal Washdown & Sediment Ponds

Underground mining can be a dirty business, and we have solutions to help mine operators achieve greater performance and environmental outcomes – including the use of TenCate Geotube dewatering systems for coal wash down areas. 
Sediment ponds around the mine sites are also common, with ELCOSEAL GCL used many times as a simple-to-install lining system, otherwise HDPE geomembrane with needle-free bidim geotextile is another common solution.

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