Tuesday, 1 March 2022 - 3:45pm
New Zealand

Verti-Block has officially joined the Geofabrics New Zealand product portfolio in our Slopes & Walls sector. 

Verti-Block is a perfectly proportioned concrete block used for the most popular types of civil engineering & landscaping projects, including gravity walls, reinforced geogrid walls, terracing, plantable retaining walls, base for fencing or railings and property dividers. 

Geofabrics officially launches the Verti-Block Concrete Block range.

  • Unique size and design – a mass hollow block measuring 610mm (h) x 1200mm (l) x 910mm (w), the range offers a variety of shapes, including corner blocks, to accommodate for all civil engineering & landscaping needs.
  • Strong and versatile thanks to its interlocking connection design, Verti-Block units ensures a secure fit
  • Easy installation - blocks can be moved and put into place with smaller equipment; there’s no need for heavy machines like a crane
  • Engineered for strength – the hollow nature of Verti-Block improves its ability to retain earth, even in poor soil conditions it can be stacked higher than other blocks with or without the use of tiebacks or geogrids
  • Cost effective with its hollow design, Verti-Block is lighter which lowers labour, equipment and transportation costs. Internal drainage through the block’s infill means no over-or under-excavating because additional crushed stone backfill is not required
  • A look like no other - Verti-Block is a popular favourite for its rockwork appearance. It makes a finished wall appear more like stacked stone. Plus, it is easily stained to complement its surroundings with a beautiful, weather and UV-resistant finish

Speak to our team or download the Verti-Block brochure today. 

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