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The use of innovative techniques to solve challenging civil engineering problems is an area that Geofabrics has promoted and supported over the past 25 years of our operation in New Zealand. 

These innovative techniques include geosynthetics, a recently new material technology to the civil engineering industry that has made certain construction possible paving the way for more cost effective solutions in construction.

The Geofabrics sales and technical team are able to support the use of these innovative products by offering:

  • Product Brochures, Installation guides and Technical Data Sheets available through our website.
  • A range of product samples supplied to all the main consultants and contractors throughout New Zealand.
  • Technical notes and product design literature to support the use of Geofabrics products.
  • Design suggestions to support the use of our products in the field of reinforced soil slopes, retaining walls, hydraulic and pavement construction.
  • Design software developed by some of our major suppliers to evaluate the benefit of using products to solve problems or improve the performance of engineering works.
  • Training of engineers in current design methods.
  • Product information seminars to keep engineers abreast of current International product technologies and developments.
  • Supply of alternative solutions that provide improved logistics, constructability and economic benefit.
  • Partnering in design and build projects where a high level of technical support and design suggestion assistance is required.