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Steelgrid HR® PVC

Rockfall stabilisation mesh system

Steelgrid HR® PVC is a high strength, high stiffness steel composite combining the versatility and practical benefits of double twist mesh with the excellent stiffness and mechanical durability of high tensile steel wire ropes. The wires and ropes are coated with Zinc-Aluminium Galmac® galvanising to Class A level and are additionally coated with a continuous layer of PVC for maximum durability.

Steelgrid HR® PVC can be used in a variety of specialist geotechnical and engineering applications including slope stabilisation, rockfall protection and surface protection applications. By virtue of its construction Steelgrid HR® PVC offers significant flexibility in terms of anchor positioning thereby saving time and cost on site. Steelgrid® HR PVC is a single layer composite making on-site handling and installation simple and quicker.




Steelgrid HR® PVC combined double twist mesh manufactured from 2.7mm wire and steel cable having a diameter of 6mm which are mechanically woven into the mesh to provide a composite mesh system of high strength and stiffness. All wire and rope used in the manufacture of Steelgrid HR® PVC is Zinc-Aluminium Galmac® galvanised to Class A levels and are additionally coated with a continuous layer of PVC making Steelgrid HR® PVC suitable for use in environments ranging from near-coastal regions to high alpine areas.


Steelgrid HR® PVC is supplied in rolls to the job site. The combination of double twist steel mesh and steel cables simplifies the construction allowing Steelgrid HR® PVC to be used in high strength drapery applications where large debris volumes are expected or in bolted rock face and surface stabilisation applications. HR anchor plates are used to transfer loads from the mesh to the anchors when used in bolted rock face applications. Special stainless steel HR Link is used for connecting adjacent Steelgrid HR® PVC rolls.


  • Integral steel rope to reduce installation cost and time
  • High strength and low strain for stabilisation
  • Specialist coating technology for durability
  • Flexible for contact to irregular rock surfaces
  • Capable of containing higher volumes of debris than standard mesh


Supplied in the following size

Grade Size
Steelgrid HR30 PVC 2.85m x 25m
HR Plate 250mm x 250mm x 8mm