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Barrier Fence

Dynamic rockfall barriers

Geofabrics offers a range of Maccaferri rockfall barrier fence systems designed to intercept falling rocks which have detached from the rock face above which may cause damage to infrastructure below and in severe cases loss of life. Rockfall barrier fences of variable geometry are fabricated from a complex system of steel cables, connections of steel cables to structural elements, energy absorbing devices and anchorages, capable of high deformation capacities which are designed to be easily transported and assembled in extreme conditions.

The range of barriers for rockfall problems include debris flow barriers, dynamic rockfall barriers and hybrid and attenuation barriers. Geofabrics range of Maccaferri dynamic rockfall barriers are designed to deflect under load and absorb energy and are available with energy absorption capacity up to 8,500kJ.




All Geofabrics range of Maccaferri barriers comply with the European Organisation for Technical Approvals ETAG 27 "Guideline for European Technical Approval of Falling Rock Protection Kits" code and are CE marked. All Maccaferri rockfall barriers exhibit residual heights (>50%) within the highest category, Class A in accordance with ETAG 27.


The system, when it arrives on site, includes all posts, base plates, netting, braking systems, anchor cables and ground anchors (for typical ground conditions). Ideally suited where space is limited these barrier fences are easy to install by qualified rope access contractors experienced in drilling and working on rock faces. After impact maintenance is a simple process of removing the collected debris and replacing the compression brakes and checking the serviceability of the remaining components. The high number of field tests conducted by Maccaferri to the strictest international standards permits Geofabrics range of Maccaferri rockfall barriers to be used to protect most road and rail infrastructure works as well as protection of buildings, pipelines, in mine works and where rockfall is identified as a hazard.


  • Aluminium compression brakes for energy absorption
  • Component based system for easy transportation and erection
  • Tested and certified to International Standards
  • Easy to inspect for maintenance


Supplied in the following grades

Grade Energy Rating Nominal Barrier
RB100UAF 100kJ 2m
RMC 050AICAT2 500kJ 3m
RB 750 750kJ 3m
RB 1500 1500kJ 4m
RMC 200A 2000kJ 4m
RMC 300A 3000kJ 5m
RMC 500A 5000kJ 6m