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Stormwater chambers

EcoAID Stormwater Chambers with its corrugated arch structure enable the creation of a structurally strong, buried storage for stormwater management. The stormwater detention and infiltration system can be placed underneath driveways, car parks, highways, and sporting fields, enabling full use of the available space.

EcoAID Stormwater system also incorporates treatment technologies that facilitate the isolation and removal of suspended solids (TSS) and gross pollutants (litter), but remains easy to clean, with long maintenance intervals.




EcoAID EC-1000 stormwater management chambers manufactured from virgin co-polymer resin feature a corrugated arch to optimise load shed via soil arching and flat keyed feet to prevent movement and misalignment during backfilling. The integrated vertical and lateral pipe ports eliminate the need for expensive header and manifold pipes.


EcoAID Stormwater Chambers weigh 15 kg which is suitable for lifting by one person making them easy to install having been designed with Occupational Health and Safety considerations. End caps that weigh 5kg are provided to complete the system. EcoAID Stormwater Chambers are installed on a bedding layer of drainage stone which sits over a firm and level base lined with a nonwoven geotextile. The EcoAID Stormwater Chambers are placed in rows with a 150mm gap between rows and the ends are fitted with end caps. Lateral pipes, inspection ports and air venting are installed and the system is then covered with drainage stone. The nonwoven geotextile is then wrapped over the system and a suitable fill is placed with a minimum cover depth depending on the application. The ease of construction and practicality of the system is well suited for stormwater detention or retention in commercial sites or for schools and other urban developments


  • Ability to save valuable space
  • Security of the resource from vandalism and theft
  • Longer service life compared to above ground plastic tanks that are exposed to U.V. degradation
  • No adverse aesthetic impact
  • Improved safety compared to above ground detention basins
  • Not a breeding ground for mosquitoes if outlets become blocked


Supplied with the following components:

Product Size
EC-1000 Chamber (W x H X L installed) 1160mm x 680mm x 1000m
End Cap (W x H x L) 1074mm x 680mm x 270mm