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Keystone TW3

Concrete modular wall system

Keystone TW3 Wall System is a proven, practical engineered solution for bridge abutments and retaining walls. The Keystone TW3 Wall System can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional retaining walls offering both versatility and substantial savings in cost and construction time.  

Keystone TW3 Wall System uses a unique high strength positive connection system which securely locks the Tensar uniaxial geogrid to the modular block face. This positive connection satisfies the design requirements for use in road infrastructure projects in areas subject to seismic events and has been proven in projects worldwide. Our team of experienced engineers can help you find the complete solution using our sophisticated TensarSoil software from free application suggestions to helping you develop a full design solution.




The factory produced pre-cast concrete Keystone TW3 modular blocks are manufactured from 30MPa high strength, durable concrete and can form a near vertical wall face. The modular blocks are securely connected to Tensar’s uniaxial geogrids which reinforce the soil mass behind to create a strong and maintenance free retaining wall with a design life of up to 120 years.


There’s usually no need for cranes or propping as the Keystone TW3 concrete modular blocks are simply dry-laid, and their geometry allows curves, corners, stairs and other features to be easily constructed. Keystone TW3 modular blocks are supplied standard in rockface colour. The straight forward construction process and technical performance under traffic and earthquake loads places the Keystone TW3 concrete modular block system as the ideal retaining wall solution for infrastructure works including bridge abutments, culvert and tunnel portal entrances and technically challenging retaining structures.


  • Tensar geogrid reinforcement - independently evaluated
  • Keystone TW3 modular block system - independently evaluated
  • Design support service using state-of-the-art software
  • Positive connection to geogrid for earthquake loads
  • 30MPa concrete for durability

Supplied with the following components:

Product Size
Keystone TW3 modular block (L x W X H) 455mm x 300mm x 200mm
Keystone corner block (L x W X H) 455mm x 255mm x 200mm
Keystone cap (L x W X H) 455mm x 265mm x 100mm
Keystone Pins (Blue)  12.7mm x 133mm
Tensar Blue Connector 17mm x 196mm
Tensar RE500 Geogrid 1.3m x 50m / 1.3m x 75m