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Texcel® Geotextile

Nonwoven geotextile

Texcel® geotextiles are a new generation of nonwoven staple fibre geotextiles manufactured by Geofabrics Australasia at their new modern facility at Ormeau, South Queensland. Texcel® geotextiles are manufactured using high quality polyester or polypropylene fibres to meet the technical demands required from a wide range of civil engineering applications.

Texcel® geotextiles have a unique staple fibre blend and an inbuilt flexibility to allow Engineers to specify mechanical and hydraulic criteria to suit tough New Zealand conditions. Texcel® P Range is manufactured for use in general civil applications and Texcel® R range for coastal and landfill applications.




Texcel® geotextiles, are high quality, isotropic, non woven staple fibre geotextiles which are supported by 25 years of research, development and testing. They are abrasion and UV-resistant and provide superior filtration for coastal applications. Texcel® geotextiles also have high elongation properties minimising installation damage and ensuring effective soil contact, interaction and stability.


Texcel® geotextiles are supplied fully wrapped in rolls up to 6m in width to minimise wastage and laps. Installation can be assisted with the use of a Geofabrics supplied spreader bar. Texcel® P geotextiles can be used to rapidly and economically construct roads and embankments over soft soils. The hydraulic properties of Texcel® P geotextiles make them ideal for use for drainage and filtration applications and also for use behind gabions and as temporary erosion control. Texcel® R geotextiles have specific UV and mechanical properties for use in coastal applications and these heavier grades are well suited as a cushioning layer to geomembrane liners in landfill and other containment applications.


  • Continuous product testing for quality and reliability
  • High resistance to chemical effects
  • Compliant with TNZF/7 Specification for Geotextiles
  • Wide rolls to reduce wastage
  • Isotropic properties
  • High resistance to damage


Supplied in the following grades

Grade Roll Size TNZ F/7 Class
P14 6m x 250m Strength A / Filtration 1,2,3,4
P19 6m x 200m Strength B / Filtration 1,2,3,4
P29 6m x 150m Strength C / Filtration 1,2,3,4
P39 6m x 100m Strength D / Filtration 1,2,3,4
P49 6m x 75m Strength E / Filtration 1,2,3,4
600R 6m x 50m  
900R 6m x 50m  
1200R 6m x 50m