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Sediment Tube

Sediment control tube for stormwater drains

Controlling the movement of sediment on building and construction sites is a major requirement for contractors and builders. The movement of sediment off site during rainfall events can result in blocked stormwater systems and degradation of the local ecology.

To assist in the control of sediment on site and around stormwater drains Geofabrics offers sediment control tubes that can be filled with sand or gravel and hand placed around the drainage points requiring protection.




Sediment Control Tubes are manufactured from a geotextile composite consisting of a nonwoven geotextile for filtration and a woven scrim for reinforcement.


Geofabrics sediment tubes are typically supplied in 2m lengths or in a 50m roll that can be easily cut to the required length to match the perimeter of the drain or stormwater inlet structure.


  • High filtration properties
  • Robust construction
  • Versatile for different size inlets
  • Portable for rapid deployment


Supplied in the following sizes

Grade SC03 SC04
Diameter 0.23m 0.23m
Length 2m 50m

General Information

Sediment Control Brochure (PDF)