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Paving fabric for pavements

Crack reflection and water penetration through pavement overlays and spray seals have long plagued road engineers. Sealmac® paving fabrics provide a simple economic means of solving these problems. Water penetration the major cause of premature pavement failure and the inclusion of Sealmac® reduces the risk of this occurrence.

Sealmac® is a nonwoven paving fabric used in the maintenance and repair of road surfaces. It was designed specifically for Australian conditions and has been used here for 25 years with superior results. The unique properties of Sealmac® provide waterproofing and stress relief of the pavement structure.




Sealmac® paving fabric is a nonwoven needle punched polyester geotextile manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. The high melt temperature of polyester (>250 deg. C) ensures that the geotextile properties are not affected by the application of hot bitumen or asphalt.


The existing pavement surface should be free of dirt, water and loose materials prior to the applications of a tack coat to ensure that an adequate bond is achieved. Sealmac® paving fabric is installed through the use of a dispenser unit supplied by Geofabrics to minimise wrinkles and to achieve an efficient contact to the tack coat. The surface treatment then follows which can either be a sprayed seal application or an asphaltic cement (A.C.) overlay. Sealmac® paving fabric has been used in ports, car parks, bridges along with its traditional use in roads and highways.


  • High resistance to temperature effects
  • Mitigates crack reflection through asphalt
  • Effective waterproofing function
  • Increases time between road maintenance
  • Proven performance in chip seal and asphalt pavements


Supplied in the following grade

Grade Roll Size
Sealmac PF1 4m x 150m

General Information

Sealmac® Brochure (PDF)

Technical Information

Sealmac® Datasheet (PDF)