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Mirafi® PET

High strength woven polyester geotextile

Mirafi® PET-Series woven high-strength polyester geotextiles are used to provide stability and limit differential settlement when constructing embankments over soft soils, piled foundations and over voids. Applications include supporting reinforced soil structures, road and rail embankments, bridge foundations and landfills.

Mirafi® PET high-strength woven polyester geotextiles provide the highest tensile and long term design strength (LTDS) available in any geosynthetic. Mirafi® PET-Series are comprised of high tenacity and high molecular weight polyester yarns which provide excellent creep resistance, strength, and soil interaction.




Mirafi® PET high-strength woven geotextiles are composed of high tenacity polyester fibres that are assembled and woven to form a directionally structured and stable geotextile capable of carrying high loads at low creep strains.


All protrusions such as tree stumps and rocks should be removed from the site prior to laying Mirafi® PET high-strength woven geotextiles. Mirafi® PET geotextile should be unrolled in continuous lengths across the embankment as specified by the engineer. Geotextile laps are normally considered to ensure full coverage is maintained even when ground settlements are expected. The high strength characteristics of Mirafi® PET geotextile is ideal for solving the problem of constructing embankments and structures over soft ground.


  • High strength properties
  • Directionally structured fibres for low strain characteristics 5m wide rolls to limit site wastage
  • High resistance to soil environments
  • Proven performance in New Zealand projects


Supplied in the following grades

Grade Roll Size
Mirafi PET 100/50 5m x 100m
Mirafi PET 150/50 5m x 100m
Mirafi PET 200/50 5m x 100m
Mirafi PET 400/50 5m x 100m
Mirafi PET 600/50 5m x 100m
Mirafi PET 800/50 5m x 100m
Mirafi PET 1000/50 5m x 100m