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Erosion Control Tube

Biodegradable tube for erosion control

​Erosion Control Tubes (ECT) are a bio-engineering technology available to the land development, road construction and mining industries. They are an important component of the sediment control package required where earthworks are present.

The ECT can be filled with different material to suit the application. Typically for retention and filtration of sediment from water shredded wood or bark is used. A growth medium is included where an ECT is incorporated into the face of geogrid reinforced soil slopes.



Properties ​

Erosion Control Tubes are manufactured from UV stabilised high density polyethylene fabric. Wood chip is the standard fill material however fertiliser mixes, compost, wool and other materials can be used.


Erosion Control Tubes are supplied in 1m and 2m lengths and with the different fill types available making them a versitile solution for use in perimeter erosion control, within geogrid wrap around slopes and to provide support to walking tracks.


  • Flexible to match ground profile
  • UV stabilised fabric for durability
  • Can accommodate a range of fill types
  • Lightweight for ease of handling


Supplied in the following grades

Grade ECT 150
Tube Length 2m
Tube Diameter 150mm