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Multi-laminate tape for waterproofing of joints

Bitac® is a high strength multi-laminate tape designed to control crack reflection, provides stress relief and waterproof of joints in concrete and asphalt road pavements as well as sealing concrete joints found in bridge decks and culverts.

The nonwoven geotextile and rubberised bitumen that makes up the Bitac® composite has high strength and high elongation properties to ensure the waterproofing function and stress relief performance is maintained under the expected traffic loads.




Bitac® is a composite membrane of nonwoven geotextile and self-adhesive rubberised bitumen.


All surfaces should be clean and dry before applying Bitac®. A Bitac® primer is applied to the surface and allowed to become touch dry before Bitac® is unrolled, removing the release paper and then compressed to form the shape of the surface by rolling firmly into place to ensure a positive bond. The easy install process of Bitac® makes it well suited for use for joints over service trenches, construction joints for concrete pavements, bridge deck joints and longitudinal cracks on existing surfaces.


  • Easy to handle rolls
  • High elongation for flexibility
  • High resistance to damage
  • Extensive history of use


Supplied in the following size

Grade BIT25
Roll Length 12m
Roll Width 250mm