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bidim® Geotextile

Nonwoven polyester geotextile meets NZTA F7 Specifications

bidim® is a nonwoven needle-punched continuous filament polyester geotextile manufactured by Geofabrics Australasia that has been successfully used in projects in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands for over 25 years. bidim® geotextiles are designed to be used in a wide range of applications to reduce the use of quarried sand and rock as well as reduce construction times over soft ground.

bidim® geotextiles are produced to a strict manufacturing quality assurance provided by a NATA accredited laboratory ensuring a consistent quality for use in road and railway projects as well as for use in hydraulic structures and mining works. bidim® geotextiles are designed to meet the requirements of NZ Transport Agency TNZF/7 Specification for Geotextiles.




bidim® is a nonwoven needle-punched continuous filament polyester geotextile manufactured at a ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified facility and subject to on site laboratory testing to continuously monitor quality. Published data for bidim® geotextiles contain information and values in accordance with AS3705 standard.


bidim® geotextiles are supplied fully wrapped in rolls up to 6m in width to minimise wastage and laps. Installation can be assisted with the use of a Geofabrics supplied spreader bar. bidim® geotextiles can be used to rapidly and economically construct roads and embankments over soft soils. The hydraulic properties of bidim® geotextiles make them ideal for use for drainage and filtration applications and they are also used in erosion control structures such as behind gabions, under rock armour and as temporary erosion control.


  • Continuous product testing for quality and reliability
  • High resistance to chemical effects
  • Compliant with TNZF/7 Specification for Geotextiles
  • Wide rolls to reduce wastage
  • History of performance


Supplied in the following grades

Grade Roll Size TNZ F/7 Class
A14 2m & 4m x 50m
4m x 100m
6m x 250m
Strength A
Filtration 1,2,3,4

A19 2m & 4m x 50m
4m x 100m
6m x 200m
Strength B
Filtration 1,2,3,4 

A29 2m x 50m
4m x 100m
6m x 150m
Strength C
Filtration 1,2,3,4
A39 4m & 6m x 125m Strength D
Filtration 1,2,3,4
A44 6m x 100m
4m x 90m
A49  6m x 75m Strength E
Filtration 1,2,3,4
A64 6m x 75m  

* Please note these are standard roll sizes subject to change.