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Geosynthetic Clay Liner for containment

ELCOSEAL® Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) consist of a layer of bentonite bonded between two layers of woven and nonwoven geotextiles. The needle-punching process reinforces the bentonite layer with thousands of fibres, maximising the product’s internal resistance. An additional heat treating process called “thermal locking” secures the needle-punched fibres, further improving strength and performance.

ELCOSEAL® GCLs can replace thick, compacted clay layers in composite landfill liners and caps, liquid containment ponds, secondary containment and mining applications thanks to the fast swelling sodium bentonite clay liner. This creates a highly effective containment barrier for landfill final cover systems and base landfill liner systems. ELCOSEAL® GCLs can self-heal around holes or punctures so there is less chance of leaks due to installation damage.




ELCOSEAL® GCL is made in Australia from quality polypropylene geotextiles and premium grade sodium bentonite powder. ELCOSEAL® GCL's are fibre-reinforced by needle-punching the composite across the entire surface area of the product. Unique to this product, the high tenacity fibres are then thermally-locked to ensure high long-term shear strength. Needle-punched GCLs with unrivalled sealing capability.


ELCOSEAL® GCL is installed on a firm unyielding surface that should be proof rolled and have no stones or protrusions greater than 10mm. ELCOSEAL® GCLs are normally deployed using a specially manufactured frame and the system requires a simple overlap for continuity and integrity of the lining system. A 300mm thick confinement load is required for ELCOSEAL® GCLs in all applications such as a lining system in landfills and waste containment structures, and for liquid containment in effluent ponds, wetlands and canals.


  • Rapid sealing
  • Self healing
  • Consistent low permeability performance
  • Simple overlaps for ease of construction
  • Less sensitive to weather conditions for ease of installation


Supplied in the following grades

Grade X800 X1000 X2000
Roll Mass 1010kg 875kg 730kg
Roll Size 4.7m x 45m 4.7m x 35m 4.7m x 30m