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Tensar TriAx®

Triaxial geogrid for soil stabilisation

Tensar invented and pioneered the original biaxial form of geogrid used for stabilisation of pavements, hardstand areas and foundations. Through extensive research Tensar was able to identify the key areas areas that affect performance of mechanically stabilised aggregate layers.

Tensar TriAx® geogrid with its improved rib geometry and junction efficiency, greatly improves aggregate interlock and confinement – leading to improved structural performance of the mechanically stabilised layer. Tests included trafficking trials at the University of Nottingham and, on at full scale, at the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), the Building Research Association (BRE), as well as in-house at Tensar’s own Technology Centre prove the performance improvement Tensar TriAx® geogrid offers when compared with the conventional biaxial geogrid. This work was augmented by field trials and demonstrations to be assured of the real performance benefits.




The multi-directional properties of Tensar TriAx® geogrid, their radial secant stiffness at low strain and high radial secant stiffness ratio, provides near-isotropic performance under wheel loads that act radially through the pavement layers. When combined with a suitable aggregate, Tensar TriAx® geogrid produces a mechanically stabilised layer with enhanced performance in ground stabilisation that out-performs the market-leading Tensar biaxial geogrid.


The installation of Tensar TriAx® geogrid is straightforward with the geogrid able to be rolled out directly over the subgrade having removed any major protrusions such as rocks or tree stumps. Typical road aggregates are used with Tensar TriAx® geogrids for constructing permanent roads and highways, working platforms and gravel raft foundations.


  • Isotropic stiffness
  • Multi-directional performance
  • High junction efficiency
  • Efficient interlock
  • Independent performance testing


Supplied in the following grades

Product Grade Width Length
Tensar TX160 3.8m 75m
Tensar TX170 3.8m 50m


Special Note on Geogrid Performance in Pavements

Independent trafficking trials, that have included Tensar stabilisation geogrids as well as geogrids offered by other suppliers, confirm that the published tensile strength properties of geogrids used in pavements are completely unreliable predictors of performance. 













It is therefore not possible to compare the tensile strength of various products and relate that to performance as highlighted in Figure 1, only a programme of full scale trafficking trials can demonstrate real performance improvements. Tensar TriAx® geogrids have been tested for compliance with the performance requirement in the NZ Supplement to Austroads that savings in aggregate use are applicable for the particular type of product in question.