Tri-Axial Drainage Net

Trinet® geonet is a lightweight tri-planar drainage net used in tunnelling, landfills and mine sites. It rolls out easily over a large surface area and provides fast, efficient drainage under high compressive loads.




Trinet® is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. It’s manufactured from high-density polyethylene to form a 3 layer (tri-planer) geonet and is available in rolls up to 3.7m wide. It has a thin, lightweight design and includes a nonwoven geotextile to form a composite drain.


Trinet® geonet is a lightweight tri-planer drainage net with a high compressive strength used for liquid and gas drainage in landfills, reservoirs, tunnels and mine sites. The geonet is resistant to chemical and biological agents normally present in soil and waste material. It can replace up to 500mm of drainage gravel to increase the capacity of landfills and reservoirs and provide a cost effective drainage solution. 


  • Highly durable
  • High crush resistance
  • Designed to provide a high drainage capacity
  • Can be installed in a single operation, resulting in significant time and cost savings
  • Easy to install therefore is less risk to workers’ safety.


Supplied in the following grade

Grade Trinet®  1 & 2 sided
Roll Size 3.7m x 55m