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Panel drain for subsoil drainage of roads and turf

Effective subsurface drainage for the removal of excess water from the aggregate layers within roads, from behind retaining walls or in sports fields is a key design consideration to ensure long term performance of these applications.

Megaflo® panel drain having larger entry slots and a greater surface area provides twice the efficiency in water removal from pavements when compared to round pipe. Megaflo® panel drain fully complies with the requirements for a rigid drain in NZTA F2: 2013 Specification for Pipe Subsoil Drain Construction.




Megaflo® panel drain is a high strength high flow panel drain manufactured from HDPE and wrapped in a bidim® A14 geotextile and is available in sizes from 170mm to 450mm each with its own range of drainage fittings.


Megaflo® panel drain requires a minimum cover of 300mm for road applications and is suited for narrow trenches. Megaflo® is supplied in rolls and is dispensed into the trench followed by the backfill which can be a well graded gravel or sand. Applications for Megaflo® panel drains include roadside edge drains, under kerb drainage, cross drainage for highways, under drains for road widening, sports field/lawn drainage systems, vertical drainage behind retaining and shotcreting, leachate collection drains and mine tailings and heap leach drains.


  • High crush strength for installation close to the surface
  • Geotextile wrap meets TNZ/F7 Specification for Geotextiles
  • Enhanced performance from greater surface collection area
  • Cost effective and easy to install

Subsurface Drainage Design Software (SuDDS)

Our Subsurface Drainage Design Software (SuDDS) has been developed to assist road designers and consultants to incorporate modern drainage practice into their road designs. Click here for an Introduction and Overview of the SUDDS software or visit


Supplied in the following grades

  Megaflo® 170 Megaflo® 300 Megaflo® 450
Roll Size 50m & 100m 100m 100m
Fittings End outlet, side outlet, coupling & end cap