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Geocomposite sheet drain for wall drainage

Cordrain® is a geocomposite drainage sheet designed for vertical drainage behind retaining walls, bridge abutments, basement walls. Being lightweight it is also well suited for installations on steep building sites to replace the need for traditional expensive drainage gravels that are heavy and provide logistic problems for the installer. Cordrain® when placed up against the wall works by filtering the water from the back fill through the geotextile bonded to one side draining it down the cuspated core to a collector drain at the base of the wall to remove the water from site. The solid cuspated core provides a preferential path for water movement down to the collector drain thereby keeping the wall free from moisture contact.




Cordrain® is a geocomposite drainage sheet consisting of cuspated HDPE core (cuspated on both sides) with a non woven geotextile bonded to one side.


Cordrain® is installed with the geotextile facing the soil and cuspated HDPE sheet up against wall. The geotextile filters any water in the soil into the core of the product. Cordrain® has been specifically designed to reduce hydrostatic pressure behind structures such as retaining walls and bridge abutments. It is also ideal for draining foundations and basements, reducing the likelihood of structural damage caused by foundation movements in expansive soils.


  • Reduces hydrostatic pressure behind walls
  • Provides a vapour barrier between drainage layer and wall
  • Creates a protection layer to the waterproof membrane
  • Lightweight and flexible


Supplied in the following grade

Grade Cordrain 1150
Roll Mass 25kg
Roll Size 1.15m x 30m