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Prefabricated vertical drain for soil consolidation

Colbonddrain is a prefabricated vertical drain (PVD) installed vertically to speed up the consolidation time of soft clay soil. Colbonddrain shortens the distance, which the excess pore water must travel to reach an area of low pressure. Instead of the pore water seeping to the top or bottom of the soft clay layer it travels horizontally to the PVD. This process occurs quickly and increases the soil’s shear strength almost immediately. Colbonddrain has a unique hydraulically designed core profile developed from more than 30 years of research backed by experience gathered on major construction sites worldwide. Installed at depths exceeding 50m, Colbonddrain maintains high flow rates even when buckled beyond 90º by the consolidating soil making it well suited for consideration when constructing embankments over soft ground.




Colbonddrain is a 10 cm wide prefabricated vertical drain, consisting of a solid polymer core fully bonded to strong, yet permeable filter layers on both sides. The latest Colbonddrain is based on a unique hydraulically designed core profile gained from an innovative extrusion and shaping technique. Colbonddrain is resistant to all substances and organisms occurring naturally in the soil.


Colbonddrain is supplied in rolls that are attached to a purpose-built installation rig mounted on a hydraulic excavator. Colbonddrain is durable to the mechanical stresses which are imposed on it during the installation phase. Colbonddrain cuts easily with a knife, and can also be effectively stapled to the start of a new roll such that a continuous roll is created with sufficient tensile strength and discharge capacity over the join. Colbonddrain is inserted into a steel mandrel that is hydraulically pushed into the soft ground. This approach to soil consolidation has seen Colbonddrain being used in airport developments, road and rail embankments and in harbours.


  • Patented core for maximum flow performance
  • Nonwoven filter fabric for optimum filtration, permeability and strength
  • High tensile strength to handle installation stresses
  • Suitable for all soil types


Supplied in the following grade

Grade Colbonddrain
Thickness 4mm
Roll Size 0.1m x 280m