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Wool erosion control mat for grass establishment

Biomac Grasstrike is a 100% wool matting used in the establishment of fine turf grasses on golf courses, sports fields and lawns. Biomac Grasstrike provides erosion protection to the germinating seed and young plant from rain drop impact and wind. Biomac Grasstrike being a wool product insulates and helps retain moisture. This increases both the strike rate of the seed and the early growth rate. Biomac Grasstrike is also used specifically as matting in the front face of Green Terramesh units and wrap-around geogrid reinforced slope systems. It may also be used for erosion protection and grass establishment on gentle slopes.




Biomac Grasstrike is a lightweight 100% wool matting that is fully biodegradable and supplied grey in colour.


Biomac Grasstrike is installed over well prepared seedbed and firmly fixed in place to ensure good intimate contact with the soil. Watering should take place directly after installation which also helps gain good soil/fabric contact. Biomac Grasstrike is ideal for grass establishment on golf courses, sports fields, lawns.


  • Soil insulation
  • Increase soil water retention
  • Biodegrades to provide plant nutrients
  • Environmental benefits using a renewable resource


Supplied in the following grade

Grade Grasstrike R300
Mass 300g/m2
Roll Size 1.0m x 10m