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Turf reinforcement mat for erosion control

Enkamat is a dense three-dimensional permanent turf reinforcement mat used when naturally grown vegetation cannot prevent soil erosion on its own. Enkamat functions as a protective reinforcing layer to the root system increasing the hold of the plants to the ground below. Once a layer of vegetation is established, Enkamat provides root systems with permanent reinforcement, resulting in an integrated, effective erosion control system on soil slopes or in waterways. Enkamat has a proven performance having been introduced in the seventies. Today over 25 million m² has been installed worldwide.




Enkamat is a dense three-dimensional permanent turf reinforcement mat, made of thick polyamide filaments fused where they cross. Over 90% of the volume of the mat is available for soil filling, which ensures positive integration and immediate stabilisation of slope surfaces, while providing an enhanced environment for seed germination.


Enkamat is laid on prepared ground and stapled into position ensuring good intimate contact with the soil. Seeding can take place during the soil filling or hydro seeding can be carried out after soil filling. Enkamat prevents erosion on embankments, slopes and river banks. On steep or rocky slopes and on smooth surfaces such as geomembranes, Enkamat is an effective and dependable grip layer that retains soil and supports protective vegetation.


  • Excellent bonding of individual filaments for increase strength
  • Over 90% voids for soil holding capacity
  • High resistance to weathering and UV
  • Low flammability


Supplied in the following grades

Grade Roll Width Roll Length Thickness
7010 1m / 1.95m 150m 10mm
7018 1m / 1.95m 120m 18mm