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Biomac C

Coir fibre erosion control mat

Biomac C is a coir fibre erosion control blanket used for temporary soil erosion protection and to aid in the re-establishing of vegetation in landscaping applications. Biomac C provides initial erosion protection to seed and young plant from the extremes of rain, wind and sun during the critical germination and development stage.

Biomac C is supplied in different grades for erosion protection and soil stabilisation projects. The choice of coir mat is dependent on the slope gradient, rainfall intensity and application.




Biomac C is flexible matrix of 100% coir fibres randomly arranged to form a dense uniform mat which is cotton stitched between two lightweight meshes of either photodegradable polypropylene or biodegradable jute. Geofabrics offers a 300g/m2 Biomac C300 and 450g/m2 Biomac CJ450 reinforced with a jute layer offering higher resistance to tearing and damage .


Biomac C is laid on prepared slopes which are normally preseeded. Biomac C can also be used on slopes which are planted out. Steel staples or Biopegs are used to hold down Biomac C and maintain good intimate contact with the soil. Biomac C300 is ideal for re-establishment of steep slopes on road embankments as well as for overland flow channels and grass spillways. Where a higher level of protection is required or where the application is on steeper slopes (>2:1) then Biomac CJ450 is suggested.


  • Seed protection against rain impact and wind
  • Moisture retention to soil
  • Soil and root insulation to temperature extremes
  • Natural material for environmental acceptance


Supplied in the following grades:

Grade C300 Light CJ450 Medium
Density 300g/m2 450g/m2
Roll Width 2.4m
Roll Length 50m
Mat Thickness 3 to 5mm  8 to 10mm