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Terramesh System

Gabion faced mesh soil reinforced system

Maccaferri Terramesh system is a soil reinforcement system designed for use in a wide range of applications in road and rail infrastructure works. The Maccaferri Terramesh system comprises of mesh gabions with adjoining mesh reinforcing panel that can be used to construct structures with either a stepped front face or near vertical facing. Maccaferri Terramesh system offers the same flexibility of design as gabions and as a can be used in hydraulic applications to match the river bank profile as well as be shaped around culverts and bridges. Geogrids can be incorporated into the Terramesh system that extend the design capabilities of the system to permit the construction of walls in excess of 50m.




The Terramesh system is manufactured from Galmac (Zn-5%AL MM alloy) coated wire with an additional polymer protective coating applied over the Galmac coating to maximise the level of protection required for soil reinforcement applications. The Terramesh reinforcing panel has been fully tested for use


Dense round or quarried stone is normally used to fill gabions. To ensure the durability of the structure the rock should be weather resistant, non-friable, insoluble and sufficiently hard. The most appropriate size falls in the range of 100mm to 250mm. The backfill used with Terramesh is generally a well graded silty sand, sand or sandy gravel and is free draining. Not more than 15% by mass of total material should be finer than 75 micron sieve opening to ensure good interaction and to limit the build of of hydro static pressure. A maximum particle size of 75 mm is normally recommended to limit installation damage to the mesh coating.


  • Monolithic having a fully connected mesh facing making it well suited where differential settlement is of concern
  • Flexible and versatile to match existing slope profiles
  • Permeable face that prevents the build up of hydro static pressures
  • Terramesh system has independent technical approvals.


Supplied in the following sizes

Width (m) Length (m) undefined
2 4
2 6
2 50